A gentle whisper from the LORD...

"Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper." 1 Kings 19:11-12

Friday, May 27, 2011

Go Pitch Your Tent

Imagine the scene…Moses gathered all the materials and neatly arranged them in the cart for they were intended to build accommodations for the presence of God. Any place to be befitting of the appearance of God would need to be prepared with the greatest of care and the very best effort. Moses looked over the supplies, checking and rechecking, making sure every last detail was addressed thoroughly, accounting for every last peg. Taking a deep breath, Moses took his first step toward meeting with God.

He trekked his way out, some distance away from the camp. His heart must have been heavy as he remembered his return from the mountain and viewed the hideous, golden calf made by the Israelites. How was he supposed to enter God’s presence after such a rebellious act of His people? Would He be able to hear God’s voice? Yes, indeed, some distance from camp was necessary to meet God for He, himself, could not be in proximity to such evil. Moses would attempt to intercede for the Israelites in great hopes that God would forgive them. Anyone could come with Moses but everyone chose to stay at their own tents, content to look on at a distance in humility and awe.

But then the unimaginable happened. As Moses took the time to pitch the tent and enter, seeking God, The Almighty showed up in all His glory. He enveloped the tent with His presence through a pillar of cloud. The people remained at a distance, resisting their freedom to participate, and worshipped from the cheap seats. Although they stood in awe, they missed the chance of a lifetime. As they watched with their eyes, Moses heard with his ears. He heard God’s voice…loudly and clearly. It was as if he stood before his best friend and experienced an intimate conversation.

In reading Exodus 33:7-11, what would happen if we truly mimicked Moses? What would our lives be like if we took the time and effort to daily seek God? Are we content to sit in the cheap seats and watch God move or are we willing to go the distance, do the work and hear His voice? As I read this passage, I can’t get pass one single word…”anyone” (33:7). Be careful not to overlook this simple word! Anyone could inquire of the Lord, no matter their past. All it required was time and dedication to the work at hand. But they chose to remain where they were, struck by fear from the sins of their past. Moses was the one who heard God’s voice. Moses was the one who was blessed by the privilege to experience the presence of God. Those who remained in their tents did indeed worship but they did not feel the cloud of God on their skin. They did not hear the voice and words of God resonate in their ears.

We were made for more! We were made for more than observing. We were made for more than allowing a select few to do the work. We were made to experience God ourselves, no matter where we come from and no matter what sin lurks in our past. As we make the decision to seek His Word daily, we will hear His voice. We may have to go the distance but why would we chose anything different? Isn’t He worth it? I deeply pray that each of us will continue to seek our God with dedication, hard work and humility. Let’s make a commitment to pitching our tents daily and allowing God to surround us. Let’s give Him an opportunity to speak His word to our hearts. Let anyone and everyone inquire of our great God and may we personally experience His very presence!

Now, go! And pitch your tent!